When it comes to remodeling the bathroom you want to ensure that your work stays in-style for years. Avoiding modern trends may be a good idea; however, we want to help you choose trends that never go out of style. This still leaves the bathroom with room for experimentation with color, accents, and accessories because these are easily replaceable unlike the design.

1. Wall Color

Colorful bathroom walls is a trend that goes out of style quickly; however if you like repainting often then stay with colors you like. But if you want to go for a timeless look and appeal then choose wall colors that are neutral that evoke freshness and sophistication.

2. White Tile

Having a good tile in the bathroom might seem like a no brainer, but tile has been around for centuries and there are thousands of different kinds. A white, simple tile will never go out of style. White tile appeals to future home buyers because it is so versatile. If you want to spice up the bathroom do it with accents instead of a fancy tile that costs more and might not stand the test of time.

3. Bathtubs

Bathtubs are essential in a home especially if you want to sell the home in the future. They do not have to be in every bathroom of the house, but there needs to be at least one. There is still room to have that glamorous walk in shower. Don’t worry about style because even classic styles like the claw foot tub are still popular today.

4. Stone Counter Tops

The countertop is usually what makes a bathroom look dated the fastest. To keep a bathroom timeless, choose a stone option. Such as, marble, soapstone, granite, or even white. Laminate is a cheaper option, but investing in high quality items means you only have to expense it once.

5. Natural Light

This is a must in Florida! Natural light makes the bathroom seem bigger, and it creates a focal point to design it around. Don’t worry about privacy because frosted windows or skylights are an option to keep the privacy; but allow the light.

6. Furniture-Inspired Vanities

A furniture inspired vanity is usually an antique, or it has an eclectic style. Anything unique, or antique will stand the test of time. Go for a natural look like a solid wood cabinet. This way you can refinish it over time instead of having to change out the unit.

7. Eco-Friendly

When is saving mother nature not in style? The bathroom is where most of the water usage happens and now there are many options to retain it. Dual flush toilets, which use two buttons to flush different amounts of water. Low impact shower heads are a great way to conserve water and they’re designed, so the pressure doesn’t feel like it’s low.

8. Built-in Shelves and Ledges

Storage is always in style because we need it. With a built-in ledge around the tub your bathroom can have a spa like feel. Another option is extending the counter above the toilet. This is becoming more popular because the space above the toilet is usually wasted. If you choose to extend the counter you can utilize the space.

Remodeling your bathrooms make it more comfortable for your family and is a great way to increase the value of your home. By incorporating some of these timeless designs you can effectively save money and live in style and know your home will be easier to sell.

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